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Passwords and your security

31st July 2022

With growing cybersecurity issues surrounding hacking and phishing, password security has never been more important.

Here are 6 ways to ensure your passwords stay safe and protected.

  1. Never, ever give out your password via e-mail or phone. We recommend having a company policy that ensures that IT never ask for your employees’ passwords via these communication methods, to help minimise your passwords being compromised by people pretending to be from your company.
  2. Don’t use passwords tied to something on your desk. if you have a picture of your dog on your desk, don’t use their name as the password. The convenience of incrementing passwords can make it simple for hackers to guess your passwords and any variations you may have.
  3. Passphrases are GREAT. They are much more difficult to crack and much more simple for us to remember – it’s a win-win situation.
  4. Don’t leave your computer unlocked. Attackers can easily gain control of your computer (and a whole system) if it remains unlocked. There are 2 simple ways to lock your Windows computer without closing any applications. Hit Ctrl+alt+del and click Lock this computer, or hit the “Windows button”+L; the Windows button is that button between Ctrl and Alt. Then all you have to do is open your computer and enter your password/phrase!
  5. If you need to write down a password, keep it on you at all times. We recommend making sure that you don’t have random notes lying around containing your passwords – which can be easily lost or stolen.
  6. Do not use your company password in your other networks. As it’s difficult to guarantee the safety of a password in another location, we always recommend keeping these separate.

Keep your passwords safe and secure and you’ll be adding an extra barrier of protection to both personal and company accounts.

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