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Is your computer running slow?

31st July 2021

Having a slow computer can inhibit your productivity and be an all-around frustration, no one wants that, especially when it impacts your business’ operations.

So, here are 5 reasons why your computer might be slow – keep them in mind and do your best to avoid them.

Full Disc Storage problems can slow your computer down a huge amount. To avoid this, remove old files and documents by emptying your bin and removing old downloads. Also, look at reducing storage issues by frequently moving files onto an external hard drive or the cloud.

  1. Too many things open! Be sure to close down any apps, files or software that aren’t in use. The clearer your screen, often the better.
  2. Running Powerful Software This often occurs with older computers; new software may be too large and require to much memory for your computer to run comfortably. So, make sure you always have up to date tech and software that allows you to do everything you need.
  3. Viruses Viruses can dramatically slow down your computer and reduce performance. Often, this isn’t the reason behind a slow computer, but it is important to check frequently. Also do your best to avoid clicking on pop ups or unreliable links.
  4. Anti-Virus Software Whilst being great for preventing viruses from attacking your computer, anti-virus software can decrease your computer’s performance. So, make sure to find one that’s right for your computer.

Keeping these ideas in the back of your mind will save you time, frustration and ultimately money!

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